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As you think about your roof, do you know what it is made of? Do you know what kind of roof you have? Here are some facts to help you answer those questions and more.

most common ways to build sloping roofs

  1. Built-up roofs are one of the most common varieties. The classic, sloping roof you have on your home? It’s most likely a built-up roof, or BUR. BUR is one of the most common ways to build sloping roofs. So, you don’t need to call your roof a “pointy” roof anymore. Call it a BUR!
  2. Roofing materials have evolved over the last 20 years, but the classics last. Our world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Music, fashion, and pop culture have all seen major shifts, but did you know that roofs have also been changing? The materials we use to make roofs have seen advances in technology along with the rest of our world. One change is updated bitumens, the asphalt or asphalt-like substance used in roofing.
  3. You can get a warranty on more than just materials. Some companies, like Slippery Slope Roofing, offer warranties on their craftsmanship. After all, you need quality materials and quality installation in order to have a quality roof that lasts.
  4. Safety is sometimes overlooked. When working on your roof, workers should use adequate safety gear, like harnesses. If you ever see a roofer without this equipment, they may be putting themselves at risk of injury!
  5. You can get a free estimate on roofing services. Does your roof need repair, or are you interested in roofing replacement? Contact us today for a free estimate on roofing services.
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