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It is common knowledge that getting up on the roof of a home holds some risk. While some people treat the risk casually, others realize that a fall off of a roof could have life-altering implications. When you hire our team at Slippery Slope Roofing as your professional roofers, you can know in advance that we take safety on the job very seriously. We won’t get up on your roof to work on installing or repairing shingles without the proper safety gear – including always wearing ropes and harnesses while we are up on your roof– and we’ll be mindful of our surroundings while we work. We want you to know that you are getting peace of mind from having us be your professional roofers.

use us at Slippery Slope Roofing as your professional roofers

We install fibreglass shingles properly to make sure we have met all the requirements for manufacturer warranties. And as professional roofers, we have access to supplies that allow us to do all of this for a competitive price without skimping on the quality you deserve from the installation of your new roof by professional roofers. Still, we know how important it is to make sure the professional roofers you hire are insured, just in case. We are insured fully through the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). If any accident should occur or any damage, we have full coverage.

We make sure you get the special attention you deserve as our customer. We only work on one job at a time, allowing us to focus not only on the best safety in the business, but also superior quality labour, offering low prices on industrial-quality materials, and keeping your construction site clean and free of debris. If replacing your roof has had you feeling a bit unsteady, use us at Slippery Slope Roofing as your professional roofers for a safe job done well by professionals who are focused on your needs.

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