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There are many reasons to choose shingle roof installation by roofing professionals like as at Slippery Slope Roofing. We can offer you a few of them right here and now to help with confirming your decision on shingle roof installation by professionals:

  • We offer shingle roof installation with the best fire rating (Class A) by offering a selection of fibreglass shingles to choose from. Fibreglass asphalt shingles are superior to organic asphalt shingles, as the base mat of the shingle is made of fibreglass instead of a wood-derived material. Since safety and quality are paramount to us (with 50 years of combined experience between just our owner and foreman), we offer only fibreglass shingles for the shingle roof installation of our valued customers like you.

many reasons to choose shingle roof installation

  • Fibreglass shingles keep your costs down, contain less asphalt than organic asphalt shingles, and are lighter weight, which speeds up installation of your roof.
  • Shingles are available in two styles: architectural (gives you a little added depth and strength to your shingled roof) or three-tab (single flat layer of shingles, which costs you less).
  • Shingles can be easily fitted to your roof when compared to other materials, which may require more elaborate flashing, etc. around chimneys, changing levels, etc.
  • Shingles are ideal for steep sloped roofing, and at Slippery Slope Roofing, we are the ideal team for your shingle roof installation. We have the capability to install your roof safely, quickly, warrantied and insured.
  • Shingles are easily replaced if damage from wind, moisture, or direct sunlight occurs, and we offer reparation services as well. We can remove old shingles and install needed replacements.
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