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RoofersWhen you’re a new homeowner, your neighbours are an important part of your life. Even in this digital age, it’s important to live near good people, and if you’re serious about taking care of your home, then Slippery Slope Roofing is the best neighbour you can have.

Commercially focused roofers often work several jobs and work on residential as well as commercial properties, but our team mainly works on houses, and we only work on one house at a time. We know that we can do great work when we concentrate on your roof, and we don’t need to juggle different accounts.

We use only the best fibreglass shingles from Iko Cambridge, and we install them properly, so you get the benefit of the Iko warranty. We replace shingles, do repair work, and can even install a shingle roof from scratch. Our roofers keep their work sites neat and work them efficiently, so we can get the job done quickly, and we pride ourselves on our customer service and high level of customer satisfaction.

We’re insured through WSIB and members of the Better Business Bureau, so you can rest assured that you’re in honest hands. We also try to give you the best price, because owning a home is expensive enough. Give yourself the assurance of our free professional estimate, and then let our skilled roofers handle the installation.

If you’re in or near Barrie, Ontario, we’re now one of your best neighbours. We serve anywhere from Northern Greater Toronto Area to Orillia. Come get to know us!

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