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Roof Damage RepairWhen your roof is missing a few shingles due to storm damage or age, it has the appearance of being unkempt and neglected.  One thing that can help to restore your home to its former glory is roof damage repair.  Although you may be tempted to take a hammer and nail shingles over the areas where they are missing, a good roof damage repair is a bit more complicated than that.

A quality roof damage repair involves more than simply replacing missing shingles.  It begins with an inspection to determine what steps need to be taken to completely repair the roof.  Once the inspection has been done, the next step is to begin the repair.  It is important to replace the flashing (the material that protects joints between roofing and walls or chimney) in order to prevent leaks.  After the flashing has been replaced, the shingles go on.

Our professional roofers know the steps that are necessary for complete roof damage repair.  Manufacturers of shingles have warranties on their products that are only valid if the shingles are applied correctly.  We know how to complete the job properly, so the warranty on your roof damage repair is valid.

When you find yourself in need of roof damage repair, contact us at Slippery Slope Roofing.  We have the materials, knowledge and experience necessary to perform quality roof damage repair.  Our work will not only keep you dry when it rains, but we will also keep you happy financially with our affordable prices.

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