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Local rooferThe key to keeping any asset in good condition is to take care of the relevant maintenance issues to prevent problems. The same is true for your home’s roof. While you’d think that a local roofer would be most interested in problem-solving, they are actually quite active in giving you tips for seasonal roof maintenance to avoid problems in the first place. Here’s what one local roofer has to say about prevention:


  • Spring – The winter can be harsh on your home’s roof so this is a good time to do a thorough inspection, especially since spring rain is on the way. Also, be sure the eavestroughs are clean. If you didn’t take down the holiday lights because the weather stopped you, now is the time to take care of that.
  • Summer – There generally isn’t a great deal to do during the summer other than to inspect after any severe storms and keep trees trimmed so they don’t touch your home’s roof. Branches can damage your roof as well as provide an access point for animals. Also, trim any diseased branches so they don’t fall on your home during a storm. Be sure to keep up with cleaning the eavestroughs.
  • Autumn – Falling leaves require attention. Keep the eavestroughs cleared as much as possible and do a final thorough cleaning once all the leaves have fallen. A thorough inspection of the roof should be done by a local roofer at this time to ensure it can handle the winter weather ahead.
  • Winter – Keep watch on the amount of snow that stays on your home’s roof and also be attentive about ice accumulation. Ask your local roofer whether using a roof rake to remove snow is a good option for your home. If you will be hanging holiday lights, learn the safest way to do this so that your roof isn’t damaged in the process.
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