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Shingle RoofingShingle roofing might seem like a tempting do-it-yourself project, but before you get out your hammer and climb on the roof, let’s look at what goes into the job.

Choosing a material is the easy part. Fibreglass shingles are generally a good choice because of their light weight and ease of installation. Fibreglass shingles are also more fire resistant than other kinds and usually cost a bit less. They’re also better for the environment, as they are free of asphalt components.

Installation is where it gets a bit more complicated. First, the architectural surface of the roof mist be completely smoothed, free of holes, and cleansed of debris, with no warped or broken boards, and completely level.

An edge must be placed around the roof, ice and water shields must be installed, and a vent or two must be cut, so warm air from inside doesn’t build up with no release. This is often where shingle roofing gets very difficult, and it’s not even time to put on the shingles yet! You must lay down a layer called “underlay”, then starter shingles, then the actual fibreglass shingles, which must be cut and laid down carefully, so as to create a correctly staggered series of layers. Then the exterior portion of the vent must be installed before the shingle roofing can be finished.

This is all so much simpler with trained professionals on the job! Our team from Slippery Slope Roofing will come by your house, give you a free estimate, and get to work, working on your house and your house only, until we’ve finished the job to your satisfaction. Save yourself the hassle, and let us take care of all of these steps!

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