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Shingle Roofs in Barrie, OntarioDoes the roof of your home look as though it has seen better days?  Are you wondering if it’s time for a roof repair or replacement and how exactly to figure out which one you need?  If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions, we have some key information that will help you in determining your best solution.

If your roof is leaking, it is obviously in need of some work.  However, does it leak only in certain areas, or is it pretty much a sieve?  If the answer is that it leaks only in certain areas, you probably need a roof repair.  On the other hand, if you’ve got the sieve scenario going on, chances are that you need an entire roof replacement.  Additionally, if you notice discolouration of your roof, curling or cracked shingles, or moss or algae growth, your roof probably needs some help.  Now that you know your roof needs assistance, what type of a roof should you get?

Shingle roofs have been popular since they first arrived in 1901.  Even though the roofing industry has grown and evolved over time, shingle roofs remain one of the most popular types of roof you can have for your home.  This is largely due to the fact that shingle roofs are cost-effective, durable, and available in a wide variety of colours and styles.  As luck would have it, shingle roofs also offer excellent protection from the elements.  These days, you can find shingle roofs for every stylistic preference, so you really can’t go wrong when you make it your roof of choice.

At Slippery Slope Roofing, we offer you the best shingle roofs in the business.  When you call on us to install your shingle roofs, you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly and will focus on your task until it is complete.  For high-quality shingle roof repair or replacement, contact us.

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