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Even with other types of roofing materials on the market today, asphalt shingles are still the most popular and commonly used. While it may be tempting to go with something new, staying with a proven material often makes the most sense. You won’t be lacking for choices since there are three types of shingle roofs and several options within each type. Matching your personal taste and your home’s architecture couldn’t be easier. Here are the three types and the pros and cons of each:

Shingle Roofs

  • Three-tab shingles are the most affordable type for shingle roofs. This is true not only in initial cost but also in terms of lifespan. You can expect to get roughly 20 years from 3-tab shingle roofs, provided you go with a quality product and professional installation. This lifespan is usually enough for most homeowners. The downside is that they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the other two options and there are fewer colour options available.
  • Dimensional shingle roofs are beautiful in appearance and boast more strength and a longer lifespan than 3-tab shingles. Because these are a popular choice because of their 30+ year potential life, manufacturers make them available in a wider range of colours. This is a good choice if you plan to be in your home for decades or you want to increase the value and marketability of your home in preparation for selling it. The downside is that dimensional shingle roofs cost more initially, but when you spread that cost over the longer lifespan, it is definitely worth it.
  • Luxury asphalt shingle roofs go above and beyond in terms of aesthetics and uniqueness. If you want your home to stand out, this is the way to go. There are styles that mimic other roofing materials, such as cedar shake and natural slate, at a fraction of the cost. If you want to maximize the value of your home and solidify exceptional beauty, consider luxury shingle roofs. The downside is that some of these materials are heavy and your home’s roof needs to be able to handle that weight. However, that extra weight is helpful when combatting severe weather.

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