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RoofingIt goes without saying that your roof is an important part of your home. At Slippery Slope Roofing, your roofs are our top priority. Here are three ways we put your roofs first:

  1. We focus on one customer at a time, every time. Many companies will juggle different contracts, but that’s not our style. We like to concentrate on the doing the job right, so we only take on one roofing job at a time. If we give you our roofing services, we promise to focus on you until your roof is done well, the first time.
  2. We’re an honest business, certified by the WSIB and Better Business Bureau. We want the people roofing your house to be secure enough to give their all to their job, so we make sure to take care of our employees, including correct safety training and education.
  3. Because we want to be fair to you, we hold ourselves to strict standards of orderliness on our job sites, and we strive to be conscientious about finishing jobs quickly. We won’t draw out the time it takes to do each roofing job, and we’ll give you a fair price for our roofing services.

We’ve been at this for quite a while, with over 50 years of experience between our owner and foreman. We’d like to think that when it comes to roofs, we’ve seen almost every kind of problem that could arise, and managed to fix them. Try our roofing services, and find more ways we’re right for you!


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