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Storm Damage Repair in Barrie, OntarioWhen rough weather hits, it can be hard to determine what kind of damage has been done and the best way to go forward with any repairs. What takes priority? Did you find ALL of the damage? What if you missed something that could cause more problems down the road? This is where our storm damage repair experts come in.

Here’s what our storm damage repair team can do for you:

  • Assess your home for damage from top to bottom
  • File appropriate insurance claims, depending on the type of weather and subsequent damage
  • Plan for the repair or restoration of certain areas
  • Make sure you are on the right track during the insurance claim filing process

Our team at Slippery Slope Roofing has professionals who can complete a storm damage assessment of your roof. We provide assessments for any type of storm damage and can help with storm damage repairs and restoration.

If you need help assessing damage to your home after severe weather, we can help you with the process from start to finish. A trained eye and the tools to help you repair any damage will save you time and money. Call us today to speak to one of our specialists!

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