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With today’s many roofing options (just like with any building material for that matter), there are more options to choose from than you can possibly become an expert on in the amount of time you have for the research involved for the various aspects of building, remodeling, or fixing up a home for sale/purchase. That’s one reason why we here at Slippery Slope Roofing aim to keep things simple for you by offering you our expertise on shingle roofs.

We specialize in the installation of fibreglass shingle roofs

Here at Slippery Slope Roofing, we only offer the installation of fibreglass shingle roofs so that we can cut costs for you and maintain a high level of expertise. We aim to get jobs done quickly and with quality that will beat out any of our competitors on any given day – that’s why we focus on your house and only your house while we are at work for you on your shingle roof.

We specialize in the installation of fibreglass shingle roofs, a type of asphalt shingle. The base of an asphalt shingle is made of a robust fibreglass mat. If you have heard of organic asphalt shingles, please note that we don’t offer those because the mat base of this shingle type is made of a paper-like material. We do work that aims to last and exceed your expectations – even starting with the selection of the materials for the shingle roof installation work we offer. Our shingles are available in many styles and offer a pleasing and traditional rooftop texture.

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