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The damage to your rooftop after a storm can seem an obvious eye sore. You may be eager to roll up your sleeves and embark on a do-it-yourself scheme for your storm damage repair. Why wait to repair something so critical when you can run down to the hardware store and get all of the tools and supplies you need? You can just march right up to the tip top of your home to fix things before the damage to your shingles can become more severe, right? Maybe . . . but most likely not.

embark on a do-it-yourself scheme for your storm damage repair

Here at Slippery Slope Roofing, we have a few good reasons why you might consider calling us in to help with the storm damage repair in the first place. For one thing, our years of expertise navigating the hazards of damaged roofs and doing roof inspections will keep you out of harm’s way in trying to do these things yourself. You may not recognize areas of damage that aren’t as obvious, and you could hurt yourself or make the damage worse. We will inspect your roof’s structure (including the interior) and the conditions, materials, and style of the previous roofing work. If your roof was installed professionally to begin with, you may not have access to the materials to patch up the area(s) of damage with something that will look nice with and function similarly to the rest of your rooftop. You may also miss areas that need repair, or even worse, get injured due to being unwary about what to watch for when you get up there to go to work by yourself.

Roofing work, including storm damage repair, is best done by a team of qualified individuals so that your new roofing will be installed correctly (which also helps to ensure any building material warranty claims you may need to make when another big storm rolls around will be honoured if need be). Not only that, but we are BBB accredited and insured by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).


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