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Roofing in Barrie, ON

We live in the Barrie area, which means we know all about the temperamental weather conditions, high winds, and unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing these past years. If you were in the Barrie area a few weeks ago, you may have seen that particular gentleman running by with a pizza box on his head as a makeshift umbrella to protect himself from the rain. What a sight! And while an innovative solution at the last moment to protect your head may be a pizza box . . . perhaps it’s not so great a solution to protect your home. You need something more durable. More trustworthy. Less calorie-dense as a down payment.

We’ve seen the effects this season. We know that residents of the Barrie area need a real solution for their homes to protect themselves and their family from long term, damaging effects of rain, wind, and other turbulent weather conditions.

In light of Ontario’s “wait a minute weather”, more and more homeowners have started finding shingles from their roofs on their lawn, which is an indicator that their roof is having quite the hard time. So you may ask yourself . . . why is having a structurally sound roof so important, and why should people pay attention to their failing roofs, especially in light of recent storms? Here are just a few reasons why your roof is so vital to your home’s structural integrity and comfort:

  • A new roof will help keep water out – When it rains, you don’t want that water coming into your house. Even just a little bit of moisture can damage building materials and create conditions where mold can thrive.
  • Maintain your comfort – You pay a lot to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter. Your roof makes sure this investment doesn’t go to waste by playing a role in insulating your home and reducing air leakage.
  • Protects other parts of your home – In the event of a big storm, your roof is what keeps the other parts of your home together. Think of your roof as the helmet that not only protects the top of your home, but keeps your walls and other structural aspects of your property intact.

We’re all about good roofs here at Slippery Slope Roofing, and we’re here to help you keep yours in great shape, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you! Give us a call today to find out more.

We care about your health and your home, and we hope to be here for you for all the unpredictable conditions Mother Nature may throw your way.

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