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Roofing company Whether you are selling your home, getting ready to buy a new one or doing both, you have a lot going on and it is easy to let some of the important things fall through the cracks. One of the things you should really be careful not to forget is contacting a roofing company for an inspection. Even if a roof inspection is part of a regular home inspection, it never hurts to have a fully trained and experienced specialist look at the most vital part of the home.

  • Buyers – As a buyer, you want to know that the roof is in tip-top shape or at least have an idea what it will cost to repair or replace it if it isn’t. This can be a major negotiation point during the purchase, but once you sign the papers, it is completely your problem. You’ll also have an experienced opinion about the potential lifespan of the existing roof so that you can make plans.
  • Sellers – When it comes to selling your home, even small things can discourage a buyer and make them move on to a different property. By having a roofing company inspect your home’s roof and take care of minor problems, you can avoid this scenario. It is also good to have a quote in hand for any major repairs or replacement if needed, so even if you don’t plan to take care of it before selling, you’ll know to adjust the selling price accordingly and will be able to advise buyers what the costs will be.

Here at Slippery Slope Roofing, we help both buyers and sellers better understand the condition of the roof in question. We can also take care of repairs prior or after the sale has commenced or install a new roof, if needed. Our more than 50 years of combined experience as a roofing company and our 10-year warranty on workmanship ensure you get the results you want for a quality roofing project.

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